Novelty Group caters to the professional expectations & demands of international companies, in turn successfully facilitating their local interests through ground-handling, synergies & a market focussed approach. A dynamic United Arab Emirates (UAE) based entity that promotes and supports the interest of multinational partner companies throughout the UAE, GCC and Middle East region.

Novelty Group's senior management has over 60 years combined experience in both Government and the private sector in the UAE, as well as internationally.
Professional business services


To create win-win situations in all partnerships, so foreign companies can expand their business to the UAE, GCC and wider Middle East region, and together build a prosperous long term relationship.


Novelty Group is a market-focused organisation that works with companies from all over the world. Our approach is one of flexibility and understanding, always finding a way to work better with our partners in order to achieve satisfaction. We facilitate a partner's launch and expansion in the region - always adhering to local and international best business practices, as well as introducing new, dynamic and flexible approaches for an evolving business world. In doing so, valuing both our partners' and our own reputation, and committed to the notion that honesty is the best and fastest way to succeed in business.
UAE Market Insights


Few countries in the world have experienced such an explosive economic and social growth during a short period of time like the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As the country experiences such growth, international companies that want to enter the UAE and other Middle Eastern markets face dilemmas on what strategies they should follow in order to develop and gain optimal market share. The ability to choose the right direction to manoeuvre a company whilst in an unfamiliar economy that is also constantly expanding, can often distort the assessment of risks and create unnecessary challenges.

Novelty Group, through its universal network, experienced personnel and understanding of the local cultures, is able to navigate its partners with precision, avoiding needless encounters and missteps towards a successful and prosperous future. Indeed, our experience, knowhow & insights act as a passage to better business in all sorts of industries/sectors throughout the Middle East region.

The firm's missions is of course also rooted in serving the nation and people of the UAE, and of other present markets in the GCC and Middle East, by acquiring, introducing and distributing the best products and services, whilst better educating the market.

Novelty Group is a local UAE company with an international perspective. We invite you to cooperate, and together build a sustainable and profitable business.

Abdul Rauof Al Mubarak, Chairman, Novelty Group
Prior to entrepreneurial work, Mr Al Mubarak's experience ranges from Undersecretary - Deputy Minister for Ministry of Economy & Commerce; to foreign exchange & investment manager in UAE Currency Board, Central Bank of UAE, as well as regularly participating in national committees relating to trade & investment.