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Eurecat Group will be the first company of choice for providing its customers with innovative customized solutions, quality services and expertise, for optimal catalyst performance. Each Eurecat company involved with off-site catalyst services and it's located close to a major oil refining and petrochemical area.

Eurecat offers a wide range of surplus high-quality regenerated and fresh catalyst. Major refinery groups are currently our biggest customers. Each year they realize considerable savings from the purchase of high-quality second hand catalysts. We source resale catalyst in several ways. We also perform activity testing and we can many times provide information about the estimated remaining activity level of a catalyst as compared to fresh catalysts, Resale catalysts with 80 - 100% of fresh catalyst activity can typically be purchased at 30-70% of fresh catalyst prices.

As energy companies have become more environmentally sensitive and look for new ways to reduce their environmental footpring, Eurecat is leading the industry by offering high-quality re-used and recycled catalysts at a price that makes them both economic and eco-friendly. Eurecat is in full compliance and fully permitted by all local, state, & federal authorities. Eurecat offers customers the security of knowing that their hazardous wastes are being treated and disposed of in a proper and environmentally friendly manner.

Eurecat's business model is based upon the sustainable use, re-use, and recycle of spent catalyst products. Eurecat's regeneration services alone have prevented the landfilling of millions and millions of tons of spent catalysts. It is our philosophy that, as a petroleum related industry, we have a responsibility to be stewards of the environment. Spent catalyst recycling is one of our core competencies. We offer the highest quality and greatest return on investment catalyst recycling services in the industry. Our technology, people and commitment allow us to provide our clients with the most cost-effective catalyst recycling and reclamation services available. Your spent catalyst is valuable. We can recycle your spent catalyst for your own use or we will process it and sell it as recycled spent catalyst.