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United Safety is featured in HSE Now - the SPE online HSE magazine - this month. The article discusses community protection in the Oil and Gas industry.

The expansion of the oil and gas industry comes with inevitable coexistence with communities. Several health concerns result from this proximity for instance, contact with contaminated water or polluted air.

One hazard, however, stands out: the potential release of toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide or hydrogen sulfide.

“Through the years, companies have been developing solutions for safer operations of oil and gas facilities that face toxic gas risks, often learning lessons the hard way. Organizations typically plan for any potential leaks and have measures in place to protect their site employees and contractors. With an increasing number of operations occurring in highly populated areas, there is now more focus on community protection measures,” said Elie Daher, executive vice president of United Safety.

What can companies do to ensure the safety of surrounding communities in the event of a toxic gas release?

Read the article in full HSE Now (available for free until August 14, 2014).


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